Playing with lace

April 17, 2010

During a recent trip to the fabric store for fresh supplies I became extremely indecisive when trying to choose some lace. This resulted in me returning home with several sample lengths of lace so that I could decide in the comfort of my own home, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea.

With my cup of tea and pile of lace I started having fun layering the different types of lace trim and became inspired to create a Victorian/Edwardian type neck ruffle.

After trying several ways of layering the lace I decided it needed a splash of colour and delved into my stash of crochet threads to find a colour I liked. Once that was achieved I reached for a chunky pair of knitting needles and knitted away.

I then gathered and pinned the lace to a piece of trim that I had cut to the length I required and headed for the sewing machine. After sewing the layers of lace and trim together i added a length of ribbon to either end so that the ruffle can be tied around the neck.

The ruffle was now looking good but it still needed a little something extra……

A quick rummage through the box of broken jewellery and random shiny things later and I and found part of a pretty drop earing to adorn the front. A quick bit of hand sewing later and finished.

I am so pleased with the outcome I think I shall wear it out this weekend.


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