New website up and running

October 21, 2010

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Mad hatter

September 30, 2010

After much trial and error draughting a pattern for a fedora/trilby type hat I have finally gotten around to making one. I found some funky rose and skull tattoo fabric in my stash and away I went. I am very pleased with the result and the hat is now available to buy on my etsy store.

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September 22, 2010

Would just like to make a quick apology for not yet putting up my next free pattern. My camera has finally given up on me and I need to purchase a new one :(. As soon as I have done that (should be in the next few days), I will post the free pattern for the arm warmers, as well as several new patterns available to buy.

Work in progress

August 16, 2010

I am currently working on a pattern for a pair of cute girly arm warmers as the autumn chill is fast approaching. The pattern is called ‘Laila’ and has a simple eyelet stripe pattern fot the main piece with a pretty frill at the wrist falling down over the hand. The ‘Laila’ pattern will be available free within the next week.

I have finally got myself a little more organised and my etsy store is now up and running. Patterns and handmade items will be available there as of today with finished versions of the ‘Lilia’ sweater and Victorian/Edwardian neck ruffle there now. More items will be added as my creativity inspires.

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The ‘Lilia’ sweater pattern is now available to buy. Visit the designs page for more information on this pattern and how to buy.

'Lilia' sweater

Been a while since i posted on here but have been busy busy busy. Have just finished kniting the first sample of my new pattern ‘Lilia’.

‘Lilia’ is a cute little short sleved sweater with a corset waist detail and a pretty frill along the bottom edge. It is a very simple pattern and is worked in Aaran/worsted weight wool. This pattern will be available shortly for a nominal fee.

And here are some pics of the finished article.

'Lilia' sweater'Lilia' sweater 02

Crochet wire jewllery

April 27, 2010

I have recently become obsessed with crocheting jewellery with wire. Copper wire, brass wire, silver wire, whatever I can get my hands on. The effect can be quite different depending on the size and type of wire used. 0.2mm copper wire is very easy to work so gives a ver neat finish, where as 0.4mm brass wire is more difficult to work and gives a more random appearence to the stitches. I am currently getting some photographs organised of some finished pieces and I shall post them soon along with a how-to.

Playing with lace

April 17, 2010

During a recent trip to the fabric store for fresh supplies I became extremely indecisive when trying to choose some lace. This resulted in me returning home with several sample lengths of lace so that I could decide in the comfort of my own home, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea.

With my cup of tea and pile of lace I started having fun layering the different types of lace trim and became inspired to create a Victorian/Edwardian type neck ruffle.

After trying several ways of layering the lace I decided it needed a splash of colour and delved into my stash of crochet threads to find a colour I liked. Once that was achieved I reached for a chunky pair of knitting needles and knitted away.

I then gathered and pinned the lace to a piece of trim that I had cut to the length I required and headed for the sewing machine. After sewing the layers of lace and trim together i added a length of ribbon to either end so that the ruffle can be tied around the neck.

The ruffle was now looking good but it still needed a little something extra……

A quick rummage through the box of broken jewellery and random shiny things later and I and found part of a pretty drop earing to adorn the front. A quick bit of hand sewing later and finished.

I am so pleased with the outcome I think I shall wear it out this weekend.